The King Has Arrived, but Will He Stay?

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Islamabad opened its arms in warm welcome to Burger King, as the global food chain opened its first franchise in The Centaurus Mall. Residents of the twin cities were excited about experiencing the magic behind the Whopper, BK’s signature burger. With expectations high, and anticipation even higher, did the King stand up to all the hype?

I went to Burger King with similar hopes; having visited franchises in the US, I was looking forward to re-enacting the experience of a large, mouth-watering burger feast. Unfortunately, the entire experience ended up being a little lackluster. After waiting in line for thirty minutes (only two of three cash registers were staffed, even though so many young uniformed men seemed to be walking around aimlessly), I was told to wait at my table as my order would be brought to me.

As I waited, I looked around, to gain a sense of the place. The aesthetics were off by a long shot. Red walls, and dim lighting, with a few tables placed haphazardly, and a large wall decal reading TASTE KING, all brought a rather depressing look to the place. It was only after a few seconds that I realized the decal was meant to read TASTE IS KING, with the ‘IS’ separated from the other two words by a large flat-screen TV (which was not turned on). It was not brightly colored, or exciting or fun. I had expected large images of juicy burgers, crispy lettuce, mouth-watering tomatoes, not this blank red wall atmosphere.

My burgers arrived – I had ordered two to try some variety – and the regular burger was too small. The up-sized burger was of a size comparable to a Hardee’s burger. Both were flat and seemed a little smushed. Where was the crispy lettuce? The juicy tomatoes?

In their defense, the meat was tender and well-cooked, and the burgers tasted good, despite their less than exciting appearance.

Overall, I’d say you might stop here once in a while, for a quick bite, but this court isn’t one you’ll want to visit regularly.

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