NESTLÉ MILKPAK & Tetra Pak Pakistan Launch Pakistan Safe Milk Movement


LAHORE: 18th November 2013 – NESTLÉ Pakistan and Tetra Pak Pakistan proudly co-launched the Pakistan Safe Milk Movement today. The aim of the movement is to educate every Pakistani on the importance of consuming milk that is safe. In addition, the movement also intends to give enough awareness to everyone to be able to understand how milk could be unsafe and the subsequent adverse effects on health owing to the consumption of unsafe milk.

The ceremony was hosted by Sidra Iqbal, leading media anchorperson and development activist. Among other notables from both NESTLÉ Pakistan and Tetra Pak Pakistan, the launch event was attended by renowned philanthropist Syed Babar Ali and also by distinguished writer and respected media personality Anwar Maqsood, the brand ambassador for NESTLÉ MILKPAK, who is also spearheading the movement.

Mr.  Babar Ali, as member of the expert panel at the press briefing, said he recognized the movement as an extension of his mission of providing high quality products to the Pakistani consumer. He highlighted the importance of consumer education about the packaged foods industry and underlined that the Pakistani consumer has always been smart enough to make the right decision, once given the right information. He also underlined how this movement will result in improving the overall quality of dairy farming and has the potential of making Pakistan a major exporter of milk in the global market.

Anwar Maqsood highlighted that as Brand Ambassador, he has learnt new facts about the safety of milk – of how NESTLÉ ensures that pure milk is protected throughout their value chain from sourcing till the point it is consumed in households. He emphasized that understanding this process is key to ensuring that we consume safe and healthy products and lead a healthy lifestyle.

Representing NESTLÉ, Mr. Roland Steiger, Business Head of Ambient Dairy added that “NESTLÉ as an organization has over 140 years of global experience in ensuring that consumers get a delightful experience through the use of NESTLÉ products owing to high quality standards and safe handling of milk right from the milking shed to the pack of milk in the consumer’s hand”. He highlighted that as a result of adherence to these values, NESTLÉ MILKPAK, with a heritage of more than three decades in Pakistan, holds strong brand equity with its consumers and enjoys market leadership in the UHT all-purpose milk category.

“NESTLÉ is involved in numerous initiatives to create shared value, including farmer development, training of female livestock workers through external dairy development projects and model farms, among many others” said Mr. Waqar Ahmad Sheikh, Head of Corporate Affairs at NESTLÉ. “Over and above, by purchasing milk on a daily basis from more than 190,000 farmers, NESTLÉ is contributing positively to farmers’ livelihood and hence, rural development”.

Tetra Pak, the world’s leading food processing and packaging solutions company, has partnered with NESTLÉ to create awareness about milk safety. With presence in over 170 countries across the globe, Tetra Pak comes with the expertise on processing and packaging solutions best suited for the local market needs.  Tetra Pak’s motto, “PROTECTS WHAT’S GOOD™” reflects their vision to make food safe and available  everywhere.

Speaking for Tetra Pak Pakistan, Osman Bucha, Director Marketing, said, “With over 30 years of experience in the Pakistani market, we realize and appreciate the need for creating awareness about milk safety. Through an integrated awareness campaign supported by seminars and other direct consumer engagements, we see NESTLÉ’s Pakistan Safe Milk Movement as a platform for helping consumers in making informed decisions about what constitutes safe and hygienic food”.

The panel also consisted of Mrs. Ghazala Pervaiz (RD), Head of Food and Nutrition Department at College of Home Economics. She shared facts with the forum on the nutritional significance of milk intake in the daily diet and also highlighted the possible adverse effects of consuming unhygienic / adulterated milk and associated gastrointestinal disorders. She stressed the importance of choosing milk that is safe and of high quality.

The consumer awareness campaign will be seen on mass media as well as on key digital platforms. NESTLÉ Pakistan and Tetra Pak urged the Pakistani consumer to search for more information and enhance their understanding on the subject, and to join them in their mission of consumer education… Socho, Samjho aur Phir Piyo!

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For more information, kindly contact the following person:

Zeeshan Suhail
Manager Public Affairs,
NESTLÉ Pakistan Ltd.

E-mail: Zeeshan.Suhail@pk.NESTLÉ.com
Tel: 00 92 42 359 88138 or

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